[MP3] RETROTATION gives me a POPPYSEED power-up

♫ Retrotation – Poppyseed

If you suddenly feel like you’re approaching the boss level of a Nintendo era video game then don’t worry, that’s accurate. The good thing is you are winning! And how couldn’t you be with this digi-jam getting you pumped full of power-ups and 8-bit dance moves that beautifully evolves into a full on synth banger with a pulsing beat and swinging grooves. Philadelphia’s 21 year old Matt Olick was actually in the video game world before swithing to music. He worked as a 3D artist on award winning titles like “Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II” and “Galactic Bowling” before deciding to pursue his long time passion for music about a year ago. Gamers may be sad but I know I’m stoked he is playing in our field now! Grab more of his audio work at his Soundcloud.

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if i live forever, i’ll kill time with the devils inside of my head

♫ Entrepreneurs – Bubblegunk (Jungle Fiction Remix) [Exclusive!]

Entrepreneurs are no stranger to TBE love and Jungle Fiction made waves in last weeks Remix Roundup, so I am honored to present a Burning Ear exclusive of their latest jam sandwich! The original (below) is a full on steam train of spastic energy and Jungle Fiction have reigned that back a bit for a more universally accessible hip-shake inducer. I love how the guitar solos get tweaked out to pure 80’s cop drama tempo. I can definitely imagine some closing credits rolling to this track after some bad guys finally got nabbed. “Bubblegunk” gets an official release as the b-side to new track “Fuck Tactics” which is a strangely functional mix of guest vocals and the sound of dying instruments. Some really crunchy creepy stuff. Heck yeah.

Bubblegunk / Fuck Tactics by Entrepreneurs

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[MP3] STAR SLINGER wishes us top o the MORNIN’ with the day’s most important meal: sweet jams

sweet breeze in the summer time, feeling your sweet face all laid up next to mine

♫ Star Slinger – Mornin’

Hot of the heels of some TBE love, Manchester’s Star Slinger just dropped his debut album Volume 1 for $5 on Bandcamp. “Mornin'” kicks off the whole thing and it’s about as smooth an introduction I can imagine. Stretch those arms and rub the sleep out of your eyes, it’s a new day and Star Slinger is serving up a fresh breakfast of crunchy percussion and toasted vocal samples. I haven’t heard all of Volume 1 yet – been too busy switching between this upbeat sunshine buffet and Star Slingers totally magical remix of The Go! Team. Any remixer that can take a band I’ve never understood and turn one of their songs into something I keep on repeat has got some chops. Stream all of Volume 1 here and then check out his Soundcloud for more of his remixing talent mixed with a few other originals (like the crispy chopped salad of “Baby Daddy”).

♫ The Go! Team – Apollo Throwdown (Star Slinger RMX)

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Yo, so we just made a cross country road trip back down here to the ATX.  Looks like we are going to be Austinites (?) for the foreseeable future…  SXSW, be funking ready.   On the way down, among other super awesome subjects covered and generally getting Nurdy as hell, we decided that due to a massive backlog of jamz we’re putting together a Remix Roundup of EPIC proportions (f*ck that was wordy).  Not just in numbers folks, we’re talking about game-changing, blasting in your ears drums music here.  Frankly, if you aren’t happy with this dazzling little fun-basket of tunes, then you might have to check your vitals…

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♫ Goose- Can’t Stop Me Now (The Bloody Beetroots Remix) / More power from the Bloodies right here! This track is pure domination with some seriously big sound.

♫ Jump Jump Dance Dance – Modern Eyes (Vindata Remix) / Our boys Vindata further prove they just might be here to stay.

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[EP] PETER AND KERRY make me yearn for THE SUMMER so i can get out of the HOUSE and sing this SONG on my KNEES

maybe sending just one x is my new goodbye for life text

♫ Peter and Kerry – The Summer House Song

I’m coming to realize that the xylophone may be the perfect winter instrument. There have a been a few jams using it brilliantly in the past few weeks and Peter and Kerry are no exception. Add on the loose handclaps and cozy vocals and this song is like a blanket, warm and comforting. “The Summer Song” is surprisingly not featured on P&K’s upcoming EP Clothes, Friends, Photos (March 21st), but it’s a good contrast to the heavier mood of EP highlight “Knees.” Nostalgia is replaced with heartbreak on this painful and delicate piano-led piece. The oooohhs and light percussion slide right under your my skin and seem to slow time as I feel the stark reality of the unfolding story.

Peter and Kerry – Knees

Peter and Kerry’s backstory is almost as compelling as their music. A chance meeting led to collaboration led to moving to London led to this EP. Sometimes it’s those tenuous chains of events that end up being so right it’s hard to imagine that they almost never happened. When songs like these are coupled with the rest of Clothes, Friends, Photos’s tale’s of youth and love it’s clear that this was definitely meant to happen. Cheers to the Universe for that.

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♫ Claude Debussey – Clair de Lune (RAC Analog Synthesizer Version)

RAC. Only three letters but undeniably powerful. Any long time readers of TBE will recognize those letters as clearly as FBI, CIA or perhaps more significantly, RMX, which is what they do best (and I do mean THE best). Flipping the script a a bit here, Andre decided to take a whack at a cover song on a recent Friday evening. Armed with a few analog synths and his delicate aural sensibilities he made this piece of reworked beauty. He even let us in on a bit of the process.

It’s featuring the Minimoog model D, which has some trouble staying in tune, especially on the high notes. The Juno-60 on the chords. I ran the last half of it through this old tape deck, so you kinda get this rough tape hiss and distortion.

If somehow you aren’t familiar with the original you can get even more melancholy here.

♫ Surfer Blood – Take It Easy (RAC Maury Mix)

In more excellent RAC news, they are days away from releasing Volume 2 of their remix collection series. They are dropping a remix a day leading up to the March 4th release and day 1 was this bassed out “Surfer Blood” remix. Days 2 and 3 saw Washed Out and Suckers get the royal RAC treatment as anticipation builds for what the full 9 song mix will hold! Stay on top of this one here!

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Dubstep Roundup Vol. 11 – 2.18.2011 [M.I.A., MIKE POSNER, FENECH-SOLER, DARUDE and more…]

Holler!  Its your dub stomping Dub-dealers here with your bi-weekly fix.  Short and to the point this time.  Its friday, its Nurdy time, its just that time, so get on with it.

Ohh, and don’t go complaining to your mum when your brain jiggles a little too much for you own good.  Peace.

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♫ M.I.A. – Internet Connection – (Flux Pavilion Remix) / Being music fanatics there are few things more annoying than a bad internet connection holding you back.  Honestly, we get frustrated just thinking about it.  That being said, there has probably been a lot of creative goodness to come from such a irritating problem.  This song being one.

♫ Brand New – Daisy (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) / Ohh Canadia, thank you so much for giving us the production Dj duo from Montreal.  Thank you too, Baby Jesus.  We will be hearing much, much more from these dudes.

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[MP3] PATRICK WOLF has THE jam for unleashing sunshine on this freezing CITY

darling don’t look so sad, it’s about that day we kissed, up by niagara falls, it’s about the keys, the keys, the keys, to my heart you hold

♫ Patrick Wolf – The City

It’s been a while since we heard from the reigning prince of gloom-glam and boy have things changed. I don’t know Wolf’s music too well but even I can tell that he is in a better mood. (The Independent put out a great piece today for those of you interested in Wolf’s recent love and impending marriage.) “The City” was recently recommended as an addition to our collaborative mixtape of super-fun-time-upbeat-sunshine jams and it fits perfectly. Wolf drops all pretense and get’s down to business, the business of being in love. The business of putting it all on the table and being unabashedly smitten. It’s a vulnerable place to be and a big shift for a guy who has battled so many personal demons. That captivating voice of his is layered over epic horns, crisp fingersnaps, battle drums, and piano that sends shivers down my spine. And how oddly perfect is that almost hip-hop-esque distorted baritone vocal chant?

As if the music alone wasn’t enough to become my springtime anthem, Wolf has gone and made one of the best videos (below) I can imagine accompanying such a jam. Not only is it set on Santa Monica Beach (holler!) and features a smiling Wolf, but there is also a parrot, piano playing on the sand, general beach-y giddiness, perfectly timed pigeon flying, and one very lucky fedora. This is exactly how you make a brilliant video on a budget. Watch it. Love it. Dream about it.

Lupercalia is out in May. Grab another taste, the upbeat and soaring strings-and-drums in “Time Of My Life.” Read more