[MP3] SKY FERREIRA has ONE of my favorite production duos behind her

i feel like i’m about to rust, ruin my heart i’ll buy another one

♫ Sky Ferreira – One

Sky Ferreira’s big solo single is a ar cry from her tender-to-tears cover of Miike Snow’s “Animal” but it’s still got a certain magic that may or may not be the direct result of that band’s production duo; Bloodshy & Avant. OK, who are we kidding, it’s definitely Bloodshy & Avant working the magic here and if it wasn’t for those signature glitchy bleeps and bloops I wouldn’t be spending these precious minutes on a Friday night squeezing this post out. Speaking of which, it’s FRIDAY, why am I thinking this much about anything at all! Time to just crank it up and get funky. You too Sky, keep your chip up and your dance moves fresh. At a wee 18 years you have plenty of time to win our respect.

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[MP3] THE NAKED & FAMOUS aren’t so YOUNG anymore and are poised to get your BLOOD moving

the bittersweet between my teeth, trying to find the in-betweens, fall back in love eventually

♫ The Naked & Famous – Young Blood

No, this is not some early Passion Pit demo, although those vocals give me a double take every time I hear them. The Naked & Famous may have their falsetto n’ synth thing going on pretty hard but push that comparison out of your head because I have a strong feeling that these guys will be blazing their own trail in the near future. I remember checking out their tunes a year or so ago and not being too impressed so it’s great to hear how much they have grown since then. This is some full fledged shimmering dusk pop that is perfect for heading into Fall. They have a few other singles on the interwebs and I’m hoping a full album is not far behind.

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[MP3] THE GAY BLADES TRY out some new tricks TO get us rocking and i can UNDERSTAND that

i think i’ll get it someday but for now i wont

♫ The Gay Blades – Try To Understand

The Gay Blades are one of the fiercest 2 piece bands I’ve ever seen tear up a stage. Although it’s always amazing to hear how much sound a pair of dudes can crank out it’s also nice to hear what those dudes do with more production. Here the Blades add horns to the mix, which along with a healthy supply of “oooh-oooohs” successfully gets my ass grooving and my ears pumped for Savages, the follow-up to 2007’s great Ghosts. While “Try To Understand” jam doesn’t grab as immediately as “O Shot” or “He Say She” it’s been growing on me with every listen and getting me thinking about what other sonic shifts the guys have been working on. October 5th, where are you!?

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[MP3] KANYE WEST unleashes a MONSTER in two senses of the word

pink wig, thick ass, give em whip lash, i think big, get cash, make ’em blink fast, now look at what you just saw, i think this is what you live for

♫ Kanye West – Monster (feat. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver)

If this is your first introduction to this track then take an extra second to let it all sink in. Read that guest list again. Ummm… yeah. So Kanye spent some time in Hawaii on his next album and if you are hearing this beat then you know it was time well spent. He has also been unleashing all kinds of treats on us the past few weeks (including “Power” from 2 months back). So we all know that Kanye West is an odd dude, but he really let’s shit get crazy on this jam. Bon Iver is auto-tuned, Jay-Z is rapping about movie monsters and being addicted to love, and Ye himself makes questionable sexual innuendo involving Egyptian mummification rituals. As if all that wasn’t enough to make your head spin, Nicki Minaj then gets on the track and makes the big boys look like a bunch of schoolyard hacks. She absolutely destroys her verse (see lyric above), tearing up the beat with maniacal voices and what can only be imagined is a terrifying fire-eyed stare. I’m kind of afraid of her. In a good way. I guess… While we still have to wait a while for the full LP, Dark Twisted Fantasy, I’m not sure I even care. This may the only Kanye jam I need all year. In the meantime, Kanye is dropping more jams every Friday as a part of his Twitter’s weekly G.O.O.D. Fridays series.

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[MP3] DAWES are for WHEN MY days have less free TIME and sunset COMES too soon

oh you can judge all the world on the sparkle that you think it lacks, yes you can stare into the abyss, but it’s staring right back

♫ Dawes – When My Time Comes

This is just the kind of breezy coastal folk that I like to ease me into my week. Dawes deliver just the right injection of jangly guitars and scruffy percussion to get me tapping my toes as I sing along. It doesn’t hurt that the lyrics are pretty great too. The California band’s latest LP North Hills out now.

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Remix Roundup Vol. 25 / 9.12.2010 / Joel & Scott present: Crystal Castles, Mike Posner, The Temper Trap, B.o.B, Rihanna, and more!

Let me introduce ourselves for we are the new faces….  Who are we you ask?  Well I’d like to think we laugh with the sinners and cry with the saints, but honestly we don’t hang out with too many of them saints.  I wish we were clever and able to come up with something sweet to say like this…

Born out of the mouths of wolves and serpents.
Raised up by degenerates and whores in the gutters of your forgotten cities.
Among the spawn of your outcast, your rebuked, your lepers.
Breaking bread with gangsters, hustlers, real motherfuckers
Scorned by your fearful leaders, and your simple masses.
Bearing no marking, no number, no names.
Only one sign, the Rad Omen.
For we are many, for we are many.

But, that would be ridiculous; as that is Rad Omens Bio on Myspace (damn).

The truth is that we are two dudes (Joel & Scott) from Seattle Washington that just love to get Nurdy’ and melt our faces on that dirty d-floor.   Remixes to Us are what platinum haired Bunnies are to Hugh Hefner.  We love Read more

[MP3] EGYPTIAN HIP HOP’s sound is more in the MIDDLE of where their NAME would imply. PERIOD.

♫ Egyptian Hip Hop – Middle Name Period

Neither Egyptian, nor particularly Hip Hop, these young British blokes tend to get their synth driven rock groove on more than anything. Take this jam for example. While the bands does in fact do vocals, it is this instrumental funk factory that really gets me pumped. All the layers of instruments (xylophone!) dancing around each other in perfectly spastic harmony. Egyptian Hip-Hop’s forthcoming EP Some Reptiles Grew Wings is out on the 20th and was produced by Hudson Mohawke, a guy I have heard great things about and should really start listening to.

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[MP3] SHUGO TOKUMARU makes me want to drink RUM and go HEE-hee

doo doo doo doo doo doo doo

♫ Shugo Tokumaru – Rum Hee

Seriously, can you think of better sounds to start your week to? All that sprightly music coupled with the japanese lyrics are just like floating through a happy dream world where butterflies sing to you and the grass feels like velvet. Don’t know much about this Shugo guy but I guess he is big in Japan. Ha.

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