Remix Roundup 76 – [Part 1.] – Whethan, Emilia Ali, DUAN, and Bayonne!

I’m back kids. In case y’all don’t remember me (Joel), I used to run these here Remix Roundups. I won’t bore you with my life story, but lot has happened since then… I started the nationwide party “Dance Yourself Clean“, a record label “Lights & Music Collective“, and a music project w/ a couple friends called “Back Talk” (see remix in part 2). That’s great and all, but we all know you’re here for the music, so lets get to it. Below are a gaggle of remixes I’ve been listening to over the past six months or so. Part 1 of 2.

Koresma – “The Overlook (Common Tiger Remix)” + “Forest Sang” (Good Lee Remix) // Art: Julian Glander

This remix of TBE favorite “The Overlook” starts off faithful to the original, but the DJ flips, re-pitching, and new parts grow as you make your way through, leaning more fully into the trip-hop elements present in the original and giving it an attitude that was missing before. Common Tiger helps us rediscover something we thought we knew.

You can download this track for free HERE.

Koresma gets another tasty remix from Good Lee, this time on a more drastic scale. Good Lee reimagines “Forest Sang” entirely, as if changing the perspective of the forest from the chorus of treetop birds as seen from above to the low fog gathering calmly at the base of the tree trunks. It’s a dramatic shift, but it still feels distinctly at home with the rest of Koresma’s music.

Download the remix for free HERE, and listen to the original on VINYL MOON Volume 031: The Nature Of Inner Space.

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Klangstof – “Hostage (Shallou Remix)” // Jocelyn Tsaih

There are different types of remixes – you can throw a four-on-the-floor beat on something to make it dancefloor-ready, or you can totally reimagine the source material. This remix is one of the latter kinds. Shallou slims down the original piece considerably, removing most familiar elements save for a handful of lyrics, and passes the song through his distinct brand of downtempo electronica. It’s made for hammocks, pool floats, or any tranquil, buoyant situation you can imagine.

Float even higher with Shallou’s track “Doubt”, as featured on VINYL MOON Volume 003: Halftone.

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Babe – “Baby You’re Right” (Touch Tone Remix)

As if Babe’s original wasn’t catchy enough, Touch Tone has done the remix equivalent of the hottest person at the club grabbing your hand and dragging you onto the dance floor. Once your head stops spinning you realize your having a damn good time and don’t much care that you left your half full beer at the bar. The glint in this hottie’s eyes says there are bigger things at stake…  Read more

Vindata – “All I Really Need” Feat. Kenzie May (Madrad remix)

Just when I thought I was losing all love for remixes I stumbled across this. At first I didn’t know it was a remix, I was simply transfixed by that floating groove that breaks down beautifully before sweeping itself up and shuffling right along. Leaving me clamoring for the repeat button. So damn good. Then I found out it about the original which I’ve included below if you somehow missed it like me. But the real magic is in this remix with less than 1000 plays on Soundcloud. Perhaps one of my favorite songs of the year. But who is Madrad…? Read more

[PREMIERE] Sun Drug – “Wildman” (Val Fleury x Allen Blickle Remix)

We’ve heard the beautiful grit of Sun Drug before but now Val Fleury and Allen Blickle have given single “Wildman” a bit of a hot rock back massage, getting it limber and lose for a night under the stars. You shouldn’t worry about this Wildman being let loose on the dance floor as much as you should fear your own inner wildman when you get to bellowing out the woooo ooohs at top volume after a few. Tread cautiously. Move ferociously. And get into the original below!

Val Fleury’s website and soundcloud.

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Great Good Fine Ok – “Something To Believe In” Feat. St. Lucia (Paperwhite Remix)

Good Great Fine OK, AND St. Lucia AND Paperwhite?? There is a whole lot of magic going on here. I’d like to formally request that these 3 powers combine to form a superhero group that would protect planet Earth through the forces of dance moves. Just do it.  Read more

[PREMIERE] LANY – “4EVER!” (Shoffy Remix)

If the original “4EVER!” was a memory of a young love fading into memories, then Shoffy’s throbbing sunset rework is waking up from a late afternoon nap and trying to cling to a dream of that love. As you prepare for a night out, you can’t shake the feeling from the dream. You know the images are fading fast so you try and savor every flash that echoes in your mind.

Download the remix for free.

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