Jape – “Seance Of Light”

Music for… people who love their ultra-catchy chillgroove jams set to tripped out videos telling tales of even trippier-ed out nights. Cheers to Jape for delivering on point. Non-cheers to all the people that knew about this band for years and never told me. Boo.

Location: Malmo, Sweden via Dublin, Ireland.

Future: New album, This Chemical Sea, came out last week.

Total Giovanni – “Can’t Control My Love”

Music for… anyone who can relate to the kid in the video below. Heart of gold that just can’t hold back the flood. Has to love and has to DANCE!

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Future: More love. More dancing. More Total Giovanni.

Majid Jordan – “Forever”

Music for… doing exactly what the guy in the video below is doing. If you can’t do exactly that then step away from the speakers slowly… you may hurt yourself. The producers behind Drake “Hold On I’m Coming Home” are

Location: Toronto, Canada

Future: Their debut EP A Place Like This is out now.

[VIDEO] Sego – “Wicket Youth”

Music for… those of you who felt a tingle of excitement when you heard “20 Years Tall” but couldn’t quite figure out why because you were too trying to sing along. Days later when you got the chorus stuck in your head AGAIN you calmed your nerves with some Silent Alarm and DFA, before breaking out moves you haven’t seen on your body in years. And you felt happy. Its OK, so did I. And now Sego has delivered another jam to help with soothing our pleasantly frayed nerves. “Wicket Youth” is another side of the band and for my money, perfectly rounds out their sound. Sego is here and the future is bright.

Location: Los Angeles. The video below. Dive in.

Future: Wicket Youth EP , which includes “20 Years Tall”, out October 28th on Kitsune. Pre-order here.

[VIDEO] Mexico City Blondes – “Fade”

Sounds like… Santa Barbara is stepping up its game. First FMLYBND and now Mexico City Blondes. Only one song out but this new video cements them as ones to watch. Definitely no worry of them disappearing though…

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Future: More sweet sultry sounds soon.

Mystery Skulls – “Paralyzed” + Video

Music for… those of us who have been waiting FOREVER for Mystery Skulls to put out new jams and finally blow up so we can all love him around the world and live better lives. So what if this song has been out for years, its a new version and comes with a video so rad that I forgive everything. So far Mystery Skulls has been dominating the video game. And I couldn’t be happier. Keep it weird, wonderful, and generally undead.

Location: Los Angeles

Future: A gang of “Paralyzed” remixes out now.

[VIDEO] MEGA Music Video Roundup – 8.22.14

It has been a hooooot minute since I dropped some magical eye candy music video madness on you but since its Friday and you are half checked for the weekend anyway I’m giving you the mother load here. Do not watch these if you have had too much coffee. Your brain may pop. But don’t skip any videos either! No cheating.

Alright, I’ve got my snacks. Lets go!

Chet Faker – Gold

GodWolf – See It Through Read more

[VIDEO] OK GO – “The Writing’s On The Wall”

If you have been on the Internet in the past 10 years then you already know that Ok Go make amazing music videos. Their music and their insane visuals have been intertwined since 8 treadmills became one of YouTube first ever viral videos.

On Tuesday night, I was lucky enough to be invited to MOCA for the world premiere of their latest video “The Writing’s On The Wall”. It is awesome. Just watch it already. But what was more awesome was watching a 7-video Ok Go music video retrospective that intro-ed the premiere. Watching these videos in a theater full of people was truly special. I had seen all the music videos before, but always on a computer screen with maybe 1 or 2 other people around. The collective experience of watching all these clips really drove home how important this band is to pushing the boundaries of what is an acceptable effort for a music video.