[MP3/RMX] BRITNEY SPEARS may somehow end up being relevant TILL THE WORLD ENDS

if you want this good shit, sicker than the remix, baby let me blow your mind tonight

Through questionable marriages, head shaving, mental breakdowns, an a tumultous start to motherhood, Britney Spears has somehow emerged unscathed and seemingly fresher than ever. Spears’s latest single “Till The World Ends” (video below) has been stuck in my head for the past few days and looks to have the staying power of classics like “Toxic.” It bangs and bounces in a big way, the chanting chorus an instant sing-along starter. If you haven’t heard it yet then dive into the video below.

What I like about 2011 Britney is she finally looks like a proper woman and not a girl trying to play up. It makes her look hotter than ever. It’s also nice to see her fun side come out, a sly smirk creeping through on multiple occasions. It’s funny to find out that Kesha co-wrote “Till The World Ends” because I can’t imagine her being able to carry this track with all the grace and power a pro like Spears does. It’s good to see the girl getting her shit together and doing what she does best.

♫ Britney Spears – Till The World Ends (DOCTOR ROSEN ROSEN Remix)

Props to Britney for calling out her original as “sicker than the remix” but remixer extraordinaire Doctor Rosen Rosen has put his spin on the jam, slowing things down for a bit of smoldering big-drum epicness that takes the song in a nice direction. If the original is lit by club lights then this remix lives under the light of a full moon. Well, whatever lights you got cooking this Saturday you should be set with little Britney on the playlist. After only one full listen, the rest of Spears’ seventh album, Femme Fatale, is also pretty solid. Perhaps a full review will come soon.

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[MP3] WALK THE MOON wanna take ANNA and you to a dance party as hot as the SUN

screen falling off the door, door hanging off the hinges, my feet are still sore, my back is on the fringes

♫ Walk The Moon – Anna Sun

Check your cynicism at the door and no residents of haternation allowed cause this post is for good-time-happy-party-people only! Cincinnati’s Walk The Moon are channeling nothing but smiles and sunshine on this lead single full of hip-swinging hooks, tangy guitar riffs and yearning lyrics. If just listening doesn’t make you smile then try and make it through the fantastically shot video (below) without feeling a bit better about your day. Read more

[MP3] DUB FX has all kinds of freaky fresh FLOW

joined at the soul with a pair of headphones, we need nobody to let ourselves go

♫ Dub FX – Flow (feat. Mr. Woodnote & Flower Fairy)

Dub FX is the sound of one man making a bunch of noises with his mouth and then looping them through various pedals until he has made a whole song and blown your mind at the same time. See the video below for extremely impressive live version (watch it!) and grab the track above for the studio polished version of all that heavy breathing. The globetrotting Australian has a number of albums out, with every sound built on his voice. It doesn’t get much fresher than that. Except for maybe the addition of Mr Woodnote slaying shit on the sax over that hyperkinetic beat. Awww yeah… Read more

[MP3] OH LAND wakes the SUN with her gem OF A song that hits like a pop GUN

birds sing for you, you can make the blue sky blush

♫ Oh Land – Sun Of A Gun

While I can sing the praises of Oh Land’s “Sun Of  Gun,” it’s Mike at The Recommender that does her beauty justice in his post on her. The girl is stunning and it’s a bit difficult to watch her perform her perfect pop nuggets (video below) without getting lost in her glowing Scandinavian features. Well, and that “oooh ooh” over the pulsating beat and sparse xylaphone is just perfect. Add in the fact that Naana Oland Fabricius writes and performs all her own music and her debut EP is out now and we’ve got something special here. I mean her real name is one of my favorite vocal garnishes! She is definitely worth keeping an eye on, for more than one reason. Read more

[MP3/Video] Magnetic Man

I dont have a lot of time to write about this one, but I wanted share with you guys one of the most viewed music videos in the world right now.  Hot off their  October 4th album release, Magnetic Man (composed of dubstep pioneers Skream, Artwork, and Benga) are making world-wide waves with mainstream success.  Dubstep purist can complain if they want, but this is the type of circumstance where innovative artist can alter mainstream pop-culture.  And, yes this album lacks major dubstep bass, but one must remember that this isn’t a dubstep album.  This album is its own monster with its own sound, with influences from dubstep to trance.  Why don’t you be the judge, and listen to these tracks below.  Don’t forget to watch the video (after the jump below) because it is straight magic.

♫ Magnetic Man- Getting Nowhere
♫ Magnetic Man- I Need Air

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[MP3] Demon- I Think + Video preview

So, I found this jam awhile back, but was never able to find a quality mp3 of it.  Luckily today, (due to my awesome persistence) I was able to find one  just for you.

Demon, (located in Paris) hasn’t even released a full length album yet, but here he is blowing up my personal itunes.  I’m definitely looking forward to his future work.  He has another rad tune “For Fuck Sake” that I havent found a proper MP3 of, but I will post on “tbe” as soon as I do.  Expect big things from this dude.

♫ Demon- I Think / Go ahead, let your ears burn.

Check out Demon’s New EP Trailer video

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[MP3] DUCK SAUCE love BARBARA STREISAND and so should you

wooo ooo oo oooo oo ooo ooo oooh

♫ Duck Sauce – Barbara Streisand

Duck Sauce is the epic duo of A-Track and Armand van Helden and they are pretty much murdering it. What few jams they have released so far each get better and better. And then there is their videos! Their videos! The one for “Barbara Streisand” is below and features every hip cat in the indie scene, as well as a C+ Barbara impersonator, all getting down this jams unstoppable funk. See how many heads you can spot! My favorite it the naked hood lounging cameo from The Fat Jew (dude is the only reason to be on Twitter). Get pumped, it’s Friday! Read more

SHOUT OUT LOUDS’ new album won’t FALL out of rotation soon. It’s not HARD to like.

gimmie a secret and i’ll tell you i need memories to keep

♫ Shout Out Louds – Fall Hard

Two of last years most disappointing albums for me were Throw Me The Statue’s Creaturesque and The Dodos’ Time To Die and both were produced by Phil Ek. There are many reasons that I like to blame Mr. Ek for these underwhelming follow-ups but mostly ’cause it’s easier than believing that bands I love have done fell off. Needless to say, I was a bit nervous to hear that Ek was producing Shout Out Louds’ follow up to 2007’s fantastic Our Ill Wills. First single, “Walls”, assuaged that fear a bit but it’s decided shift in sound (no more strings or bells) — coupled with that “we hate fun” album cover — left me a little nervous. Well, the verdict is in and Work is solid solid stuff. Yeah, it’s different that Our Ill Wills but by the end of the album you don’t even think about those differences any more. It’s the same band we know and love and their signature earnestness and energy is firmly in place. Take second single “Fall Hard” for example, that opening guitar brings me right into the song and before I know it those tight drums and Adam Olenius’ unique voice have me flying right with the music. It’s a hard song not to enjoy, and the video (below) is pretty great too. The rest of the album ranges in intensity but always packs enough hooks to keep me jamming along and Olenius’ lyrics always tell an interesting story as he bares his soul over tales of love, relationships, and his own stubborn personal baggage.

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