Big Akasha- “I know Whatcha Gonna Do [Explicit]” // Claudio Ethos

Living in such a tumultuous time, Big Akasha provides some commentary with her funk driven song and powerful lyrics. Produced by Baby Jess from Mansions on The Moon, “I Know Whatcha Gonna Do” is a prime showcase of R&B and soul driven by modern day controversies we all see and feel. With imagery of Trump, North Korea, and war within our own borders, Big Akasha hits back with her strike words and feelings. To hear more from Baby Jeff and Mansions on The Moon, be sure to check out “Heart of the Moment (Extended)” on VINYL MOON Volume 004: Surface Tension.

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Panama – “I Watched You Slip (Wild & Free Remix)” // Lizzie Lomax

Summer is over but Panama is still grooving with their sun-kissed tune. Wild & Free add their own touch to “Watch me Slip” with eclectic beats that will make you dance the night away.

For more Wild & Free dance party bliss, listen to “Low Pressure” from VINYL MOON Volume 004: Surface Tension.

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JW Ridley – “Jaguar Spring” // Project Backboard

JW Ridley is the soundtrack to The Breakfast Club’s dark, arty film sibling. JW Ridley writes songs that belong in the past but sound like the future. JW Ridley seems like the kind of guy who would be really unassuming in person, but has the stage presence of Kobe Bryant.

JW Ridley is also on VINYL MOON Volume 025: The Space Between.

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VINYL MOON Volume 025: The Space Between

We’re happy to announce the newest VINYL MOON release, the record club that presses ten hot new music artists to vinyl with custom-made visual artwork and design.

Volume 025: The Space Between features art from multi-talented Jack Bloom, whose mystical artwork takes you to a new dimension. A gatefold jacket with arcane symbols and spot-gloss accents holds a see-through magic card, as well as a moving lenticular insert that grabs back. The music is a metaphysical experience in and of itself, pressed on marbled sky-blue vinyl.

Our readers will recognize artists such as Maxim Ludwig, Clans, Black Fly, and more. Undergoing a ritual of this kind

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Ben Bostick – “Anna Karina” (Unreleased) // Peter Adamyan

Ben Bostick dials in the nostalgic heart-ache in this bonus track from his self-titled debut, managing to bring a smile to the edge of your mouth at the same time he draws a tear from the corner of your eye. Sweet, sad, and simple, “Anna Karina” is a lovely addition to his already remarkable portfolio.

For more of Bostick’s rustic hurt-so-good, revisit “Sweet Maria” from VINYL MOON Volume 017: Libertas.

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VINYL MOON Volume 024: The Lost Expedition

We’re thrilled to unveil the latest edition of VINYL MOON, the record of the month club that presses ten up-and-coming music artists to vinyl, complete with original visual artwork and package design.

This month’s release is titled The Lost Expedition. Visual artist Gabriele Brombin takes us on a journey of unknown lands with a gatefold jacket with spot-gloss contour accents. A foldout map to an alien country helps guide the way, with three gorgeous art inserts on high quality yardstick providing even more to marvel at. Your destination, however, is the marbled burgundy vinyl inside and the music it contains.

Featuring TBE favorites like Only Girl, New Mystics, Kyson, and more, this volume of Vinyl Moon will

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Metavari – “Messages” // Rebecca Chaperon

There’s no shortage of cinematic electronica out there nowadays, which is why Metavari’s inventiveness is so remarkable. “Messages” is the first single from the producer’s sophomore release Symmetri, which (speaking of cinematic) includes edited selections from his re-scoring of the film Metropolis, as well as new material. Built around a warped and resampled vocal, “Messages” grows and changes with dramatic flair over its four-minute runtime.

Symmetri is set to be released in November 2017. We’ve been told to expect a limited edition color vinyl variant from a surprise retailer, so needless to say, we’ll be ready to pounce on that as soon as it pops up.

Keep anticipation levels high by revisiting “Tetraheathen (Ascension Edit)” from VINYL MOON Volume 020: TRANS/MISS/ION.

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BUNGALOW – “Never Really Leave” // Katerina Kamprani

Equally at home in a stadium or in your living room, “Never Really Leave” goes from small and intimate to massive and ground-shaking on a dime. What’s impressive is that they can go in the other direction, and make you feel like you’re in an audience of hundreds before the feeling that Bungalow is signing to you and only you.

Get some more Bungalow face-time with “A Little More” from VINYL MOON Volume 005: Go Outsize!

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