Clans – Lust EP

Despite its universal appeal, when it comes to multi-track releases, “sexy” can be shorthand for “boring” – a one-trick pony of songs that sound like they all belong in the same champagne room, all sultry beats and crooning vocals blurring together into a indistinguishable mass that you can move your hips to and then forget about ten minutes later. Not so with Clans’ first EP, Lust. Over the five tracks on Lust, Clans explores different styles and attitudes, while still making sure that each song is suited for dimmed lights and rumpled bedsheets .

From the lush, ambient guitar swells of the title track to the full electro-pop ecstasy of “Needs”, Clans shows a lot of flexibility in sound and lyrical content. There’s the Rhodes-driven R&B stomp of “Easy Love”, an ode to a strictly physical relationship.  The lead single, “Alibi”, is a wry, tongue-in-cheek accusation, and there’s even an unexpected take on Li’l Wayne’s “Lollipop”. If Lust is any indication, there’s no telling where Clans will go next – but we’re definitely paying attention.

Speaking of paying attention, keep your eyes and ears peeled for Clans on an upcoming VINYL MOON release…

Yeo – “Wannabe Feat. Take Your Time” // Robert Bowen

I don’t want your lovin

Cuz I got my own

Yeo just wants to be a superstar – can someone let him know that we’re trying to help? We’re celebrating each funky touch in “Wannabe”, shouting it from the rooftops, sending it through every aux cord handed our way. We’re lip-synching every line and choreographing full routines to follow that stop-start bass. We just hope he remembers us once he’s huge.

Speaking of remembering – when was the last time you listened to “Frost” off VINYL MOON Volume 016: Breathing Shadows?

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Gavin Turek – “Birdie Bees” // Aleia & Alex

LA’s golden goddess struts back into the frame with “Birdie Bees”, a funky jam with extraterrestrial vibes reminiscent of Janelle Monae, but with a distinctly west coast feel. Swagger oozes from every part of the track. This is convertible-top-down music.

For more from LA’s disco queen, check out “Don’t Fight It” from VINYL MOON Volume 002: Familiar Mystery.

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Manwel T – “Atlantis” // Kraser Tres

Manwel T brings classic dub style with “Atlantis”, featuring a strong trumpet lead and, of course, deep, deep bass. Hailing from the island country of Malta, it’s no wonder that Manwel T’s music seems so steeped in aquatics.

You can also find “Atlantis” on VINYL MOON Volume 024: The Lost Expedition.

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Adam Jensen – “You Don’t Love Me Like Before” // Eunsuh Choi

Adam Jensen’s heartache is our indie pop gem. Whether you’re lost in the throes of a breakup or if you just need a new capstone for your running playlist, let the guitar-driven “You Don’t Love Me Like Before” push you forward.

Get more of Jensen’s powerful pathos with “Numb” on VINYL MOON Volume 015: Taking Shapes.

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Oya Paya – “Put My Record On” // Bompas and Parr

Oya Paya puts their hip-hop influences aside for a moment and lean heavily into the alt rock that’s always informed their music. Clever wordplay and strong melodic hooks will have Jamie T fans doing a double-take. Bite into “Put My Record On”.

For more of Oya Paya’s musical melting pot, get back into “Just A Little Man”, found on VINYL MOON Volume 022: Might.

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Jamie E. Brown – “Follow You” (Tep No Edit) // WildWingsLA

Our main groove dude Tep No is back just in time for a weekend full of sun-kissed grooves perfect for rubbing aloe on your crush, kicking sand out of your shoes, or just bathing with a bunch of shilled out hummingbirds.

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Ben Phipps – “Mrs Mr” ft. Lizzy Land // Nuria Riaza

Oooh yes please!The awesome Ben Phipps teams up with our beloved Lizzy Land for a killer combo jam that is full of silky bounce that is perfect for Friday evening. This is like when two of your favorite friends hook up and you realize that they make a great pair and you want to invite them out to everything you do.  Got go crank it up on repeat!

Get more of both artists on VINYL MOON! Ben Phipps with “Don’t look Back” on Volume 012: still. life. and Lizzy Land with “Sweet Melodies” on Volume 021: Pink Portals.

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