DARWIN DEEZ has been caught in my RADAR DETECTOR

darwin deezit’s only been a week but i know that you are mine to keep

♫ Darwin Deez – Radar Detector
Darwin Deez – Radar Detector (Radio Edit) by LuckyNumberMusic
I know absolutely nothing about this guy* and I am not going to do any research either because that shit would dilute the pure joy I experience when I hear this song. You know how much I like hand-claps! “Radar Detector” reminds me of Kyle Andrew’s “Sushi” but I’m not sure if that’s cause they are both similar or they are both epic. Anyway, that’s Darwin himself on the right and this is his fantastic love song to some foxy lady. I’ll figure out more about this guy when I stop hand-clapping so know I’ll keep you updated!

* Not true. I actually know he is on tour with Bishop Allen and Throw Me The Statue.

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