DAS RACIST are a RAINBOW IN THE DARKness of today’s hip hop

the best rapper is b real. jokes, it’s us. come on, be real.

♫ Das Racist – Rainbow in the Dark

”Interesting” is one of those words that is usually used to describe music that is not worthy of any higher praise but in the case of Das Racist that isn’t the case… and sometimes it is. I always preferred the Wallpaper remix over the original of last year’s blog-storming ”Combination Pizza Hut And Taco Bell” but now these Brooklyn dudes are back with their first official release, the Shut Up Dude mixtape and it’s got some serious flavor. The best thing about Das Racist is their absolute lack of swagger. These guys are all the fresher because you will never find them posturing or acting ‘hard’ like so many hip-hop stars. The video below for ”Rainbow In The Dark” is such a refreshingly lo-fi affair and illustrates my point well. The song itself is the kind of jam I like crank loud at night and let the beats shake my hooptie as I rap along feeling way cooler than I am. Then there is ”You Oughta Know” which packs a sick beat, delivery that gets me laughing every time, and rapping that is like a game of free association that goes oh so right. The rest of the mixtape is hit and miss but almost always ‘interesting,’ especially on ”Fake Patois” where Victor and Himanshu rap in a fake patois accent about people who use  ridiculous fake patois accents. Their approach to the medium of rap is always a great listen (as well as read) as their  lyrics are always even-handedly praising and satirizing. Anyway, just listen for yourself. The mixtape is FREE.

♫ Das Racist – You Oughta Know

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  1. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    yo….. meeeeee too! :) I am guessing you never heard “Combination Pizza Hut” 'cause you especially I would have imaged would hate that jam :) Anyway, good to hear you are digging these!

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