Datarock finally Give It Up


you gotta keep up your guard, you gotta hit quick and hard

Datarock – Give It Up

The Norwegians in the red jumpsuits are back! Their new album Red comes out later this year but various other tidbits have been surfacing lately. A few months ago the Kissy Sell Out remix of the lead singe “Give It Up” came out to some confusion because nobody had heard the original. I was pretty stoked on it but was holding off judgment for the original. Well, last week the video for album version of “Give It Up” came out and for many it was our first true glimpse of Datarock 2009. You many have stumbled across that video in the TBE TV box (up on the right) and experienced the raw awesomeness of Datarock meets “Bad” meets Romeo & Juliet. I really hope this amped up energy and tighter song-crafting are indicative of Red as a whole (Not to mention that hot-ass album art). Their debut had its highlights (below) but was mostly forgettable, whereas “Give It Up” hits harder and tighter and weirder than anything before it. It’s not easy to mix Romeo, Mercutio, a Tony Robbins-esque pep-talk and enemas in under 2 and a half minutes.

From Datarock’s debut Datarock Datarock:

Datarock – Computer Camp Love

“Computer Camp Love” was the ubiquitous Grease-quoting, geek flashback, humor track but it’s appeal was mostly novelty.

Datarock – See What I Care

“See What I Care” is my favorite track on the album. Its smooth vocals and more introspective lyrics layered over a whiplash 80s buildup beat are a recipe for head bobbing sing-alongs.

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