Dubstep Roundup Vol. 10 – 2.10.2011 [SKREAM, NELLY FURTADO, KANYE WEST, ELLIE GOULDING and more… ]

Ahhh yeah!  We’re back up in this mother for another round of dub delectables!  Why so fast? Didn’t we just put out some dub last week? Well, last week was the best of the best (TOP 10 of 2010), but now its back to business as usual.  As you know we only have the highest quality s#*t for you, with this round seeing a lot of TBE newcomers and a mix of the favorites.  We know you’ll get that dope dub delight!  Oh, and keep an eye out for a remix roundup full of rad jamz tomorrow! Your weekend is literally going to sound so good!

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♫ Skream and Example- Shot Yourself In The Foot Again (Extended Mix) / F**k if you “Shot Yourself In The Foot Again” and your cloths look like shite.  You still got this jam to rock with.  UK’s finest Skream and Example show everybody else how its done.  Period.

♫ Bassnectar- Magical World feat. Nelly Furtado / More of this please.  We fancy us some chillstep/dub shite and Bassnectar delivers major.  There is so much cool going on here that we like to picture ourselves chillin on Mars to these sweet bass-vibes.

♫ Sidney Samson- Shut up & Let It Go feat. Lady Bee (Bar 9 Remix) / TBE favorite Bar9 continues to blow our minds with his regimen of devastating dub sounds.  Keep it coming matey!

♫ Afrojack Ft Eva Simons- Take Over Control (Adam F Remix) / While we dont have any Mr. Yucks in this roundup, we do have some special jams that take you to the stars and back.  This is one…  You might want to wear eye protection, or at least some bronzer, cuz you might get kinda close to the sun…

♫ Kanye West- All Of The Lights (Inside Out Boy Dubstep Remix) / TBE newcomer, Inside Out Boy gives Mr. West’s “All Of The Lights” that special dub treatment.  Hailing from the UK (obviously), he is sounding like a force to be reckoned with.

♫ Ellie Goulding- Lights (Bassnectar Remix) / Bassnectar aint always on point, but damn, he seems to be lately.  We hope that he rides this wave of bass all the way t0 2012.

♫ DJ Fresh vs Sigma- Lassitude Mt Eden Remix / TBE newcomer and New Zealand native, Mt Eden, puts a slow burner into Lassitude and hits so good. How about we, as in all of you readers and us, make sure to keep a steady eye on this dudes work!

♫ Crystal Fighters- Follow (Roksonix Remix) / The boys from Roksonix have their game down tight and we cant get enough of it.  Dropping a beastly beat under “Follow”, we’re sure you will be digging this tune much like we are.

♫ Metric- Twilight Galaxy (Gladkill Remix) / Not your typical dubstep remix for an unconventional Dubstep Roundup.  Gladkill uses a enough of robot/computer noises to land this jam in no mans land for those who like to categorize.  We make the rules here, so dubstep-ish it is.

♫ The Doors- People Are Strange (Voodoo Farm Remix) / We just might be at a loss for words.  Voodoo Farm have created a subtle-monster of a jam here.  Don’t believe us, well then just peep there sexy self-made video below.  In an effort of getting to the point instead of babbling on and on … simply put, after listening you will be a whole hell of a lot cooler, than you already were!

ZIP FILE—>>> Mediafire: Dubstep Roundup Vol. 10 2.10.11

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  1. EFH
    EFH says:

    I retract my previous comment. I appreciate your discretion in deploying Mr Yuckface. There were not really any vomit inducing dubs though they were all quite good. Good day to you, sirs.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    You better believe it! Mr. Yuck wasn’t to stoked sitting this round out but like Joel said get ready for some nasty soon, specifically for you!!! Thanks for commenting, good day to you, EFH.

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