Dubstep Roundup Vol. 14 – 4.8.2011 [JUSTICE, ZEDS DEAD, KATY B, SKRILLEX and more…]

Its friday night, hope you’re feelin alright.  Blah blah blaah.

Dear TBE listeners and loyal followers, we hope you’re ready to paint your bass faces on. Get ready to wobble, wiggle, wankle, spell unkle and giggle to these super ridonkulous bass beats.  Listen to this funky list.  Its DIABOLICAL!!!!!

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♫ Justice – Civilization (The SoniXx Dubstep Remix) / And we’re off!  What a perfect intro to start your Friday night and get your Nurd game on.  The SoniXx does Montreal proud here

♫ Diana Vickers – Sunlight (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) / Take Diania Vickers pure vocals and add a little womp wobble to the baseline and you’ve got something. We might be Adventure Clubs biggest supporters and for good reason.  Simply listen.

♫ James Vincent McMorrow – We Don’t Eat (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) / We havent seen this softer side of the A Club yet,.. and its for the win.  The duo from Montreal are proving they are more versatile with every remix.  Max props our dudes.

♫ Red Hot Chili Peppers – Can’t Stop (Love & Light Dubstep Remix) / Honestly, not our cup of tea, but certainly interesting enough to include in the roundup.

♫ Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed (Shadowman Dubstep Remix) / Never really thought there would be much of a contender to Jakwobs remix of “Stary Eyed”, but Shadowman definitely puts in a hell of a mix here.  Is it better?  Probably not, but its chunkier and we dig that.  Who else is looking forward to a new Ellie album?  Think of the remixes.

♫ Katy B – Katy on a Mission (Shadowman Dubstep Remix) / Shadowman is taking Katy’s Mission to a new level with his big ass bass beat.  Are you feeling this like we are?  It’d be a whole lot cooler if you were! Oh wait, never mind, we know you are!

♫ Zeds Dead – 1975 / Its been far too long since we’ve posted dubstep remix kings Zeds Dead.  F##k that noise!!…..  That should never happen.  This time they’re slapping faces with an original tune.  Yes!

♫ Paper Crows – Follow The Leader (George Lenton remix) / Not a whole lot going on here, but sometimes thats just the ticket.  We don’t care what kind of music you’re into, if you cant enjoy a tune like this.  Come on now.

♫ Skrillex – Equinox / Skrillex specializes in noises.  We want to see one of those human noise maker people make a youtube video to a skrillex song.  Could you imagine watching that dudes face contort and probably blow up from the insanity of noises Skrillex produces?  This is simply yucky.

♫ Parker v Muse- Knights of Cydonia / We dare you not to get Funking Nurdy to this tuneage.

♫ -toxiK – Annihilate / -toxiK is one of the most underrated dubstep producers on the net.  This is a TUNE in all caps.  We dare you not to get funky as all hell to this dubbed up grimey ball of bass.

♫ Big Sean and Chiddy Bang – Too Fake (Captured By Kings Dub Remix) / Captured By Kings are taking no prisoners on this tune!

♫ MNDR- I Go Away (The Oos & Ahhs Dubstep Remix) / A brilliant track in it of itself gets a nice little dub prod slapped on its ass by The Oos and Ahhs, a new production team based out of NYC. Made up of 3 producers who met back in the good ol’days, is calling this mix numero uno of mucho! Keep an eye out for their EP, coming soon.

♫ Obsidian feat. Meliss FX- Far From Home (J. Rabbit Remix) / Laguna Hills homeboy J.Rabbit is simply getting silly all over Obsidian’s Far From Home! Grind on!

♫ Flux Pavilion- Bass Cannon (Preview) / Flux Pav doing what they do! Dropping the dirtiest of drops all over the bass world! Wowzers.

♫ Feibre de Jack- She’s A Tease (Frank el Medico Dubstep Mix) / “My name is Frank “el medico” Rodriguez, I’m a producer engineer out of Miami, and I’ve taken it upon myself to make Spanish Dubstep remixes.” Hallelujah, Frank. Hallelujah!

♫ Nero ft. Alana- Guilt / Nero, raising the bar. Always!

♫ Lloyd- Lay it Down (Azedia Remix) / Azedia rockets some serious filth into this Lloyd cutty and hot damn we absolutely love it! Heads will literally be hitting pillows, this night or the next, and like Lloyd we aren’t talking about sleeping folks!

♫ John Legend & Adele- Rolling In The Dub (NBR2+Flamclap RMX) / Here we have a nice mellow dub mash potato of Adele and John Legend from TBE good time amigo NBR2. Collaborating with his Boston located producer pal Flamclap, the two deliver a mix that just sound so sweet!

♫ Rebecca Black- Friday (Anal Filth Remix) / Well it looks like Rebecca Black’s little ode to Friday has found itself on The Burning Ear. Clearly we wouldn’t even consider this tune, you all know that, but once you have a listen to what the Anal Filth Remix has to say you’ll know why we couldn’t resist.


♫ Miami Horror – Holidays (SposhRock Remix) / Somewhere between chillstep and dubstep falls this beauty of a jam. Shite is soooo good.

ZIP FILE—>>> Mediafire: Dubstep Roundup Vol. 14 /// (Doesn’t include the Zeds Dead song.  You can still download it individually).

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  1. Locksmith
    Locksmith says:

    Correction: Diana Vickers – Sunlight vs. Brand New – Daisy (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)

  2. JOY
    JOY says:

    god damn. you guys have no idea how serious my need for new music is… good,new music at that. and thank you <3 <3 my loves <3 <3

  3. Lanikaipaddler
    Lanikaipaddler says:

    haha. true story to everything above. but guys, its saturday. where the zip at?? god forbid i download ALL of these gems individually

  4. Sam Matanle
    Sam Matanle says:

    you lot are true dubstep fiends. im laying down some serious respect for what you genius’ produce.

  5. Locksmith
    Locksmith says:

    I really loved adventure club before I heard the sunlight remix posted above, because the drop is exactly the same as their drop in their daisy remix. WTF! way to be lazy, I thought they were something new and fresh. Now it just looks like they’re just like Excision who does that regularly!

  6. StevieRae
    StevieRae says:

    You guys have been the soul of my parties, after concert hotel hang outs, and car rages! Awesome picks … keep it coming!

  7. Max Manny
    Max Manny says:

    I think they we’re just trying to establish a sound. If you actually listen to Sunlight, the tones have a lot more quality to them. It can’t be exactly the same, the whole song is differently pitched, and on a different scale. Wobbles are even oscillating at different speeds. I’ll admit there are similarities, wouldn’t be the first time an Artist has a song that sounds the same as one of their other songs.
    Their remix of James Vincent Mcmorrow is completely different.

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