[EP] AMTRAC has me kicking it OVERTIME on the dance floor


♫ Amtrac – Overtime

While most of us might not think of Miami as a hot-bed of new music, I’m betting Amtrac begs to differ. This Floridian has been remixing the likes of M.I.A., Metric, and The Beach Boys since 2005. Recently he dropped the very solid and very free 3-track Emergency EP, much to the benefit of hip shakers, foot shufflers, lazer lovers, and fist pumpers everywhere. “Overtime” closes out the set and kicks things fully into the red as the tight beat and constantly morphing vocal loops blend furiously with various spaced out synths sounds. That break at 2:37 is banana cakes! Listen to this one loud and heavy. Sweating permitted, nay, encouraged.

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