[EP] Bastille (US) – BUMPIN EP (w/ “Bumpin”)

gotta get on up

♫ Bastille – Bumpin

In case you aren’t into the dub-step stylings* that Joel will be laying on you soon, then here is a little straightforward electro-dance goodness courtesy of Los Angeles’ Bastille. No, they aren’t the Bastille of “Flaws” fame, but confusing name choice aside, they craft some big time foot movers that get me jived for a Friday night like whoa.Their Bumpin EP is a trifecta of tracks packed with horns, beats, samples, and bass that does that thing that bass does. Oh, and a massive drop or two. Beware. Try cranking this as you get ready to go out and see if your shoes don’t get tied in a crazy new way and your jacket doesn’t sit just a little bit cooler on your shoulders. But like for real. I am all ready to go out and I look F-ing fresh! Grab the other two jams at their Soundcloud!

*speaking of dub-step stylings, THIS is the best ever.

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