[EP] Caught A Ghost – CAG Mixtape (w/ “Time Go”)

i gotta say its good to be home, sometimes i miss you when i’m out there alone

♫ Caught A Ghost – Time Go

Caught A Ghost caught me a few weeks back when their live show shook me from the distractions of tricked out Hyundai’s and free drinks, instantly pricking an ear and sparking a flurry of “Who is this playing?” sputtered to various standers-by. With their name noted in my iPhone I instantly looked them up the next day and was pleased to find that their recording are just as polished and fantastic as their stage show. Rock with soul. And horns. They cut the mustard in the slow lane as the gorgeous “Time Go” (above) shows so well. For those who like a little dub in their piano-and-horns-rock will also appreciate their fater higher paced jam  “Sleeping At Night.” The CAG Mixtape is out now with one more great tracks rounding out the trifecta but with this kind of taste just makes me hungry for more. Hmm, look at this stash I just found at their management’s Soundcloud.

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