[EP] Don Diablo – LIGHTS OUT EP

you’ve not run out of love yet, there is plenty left
in this city i know in this city i call my home

  • Who: Don & friends
  • What: Big dirty dance, like Joe and Will Ask?, DJ Kue, Portasound
  • Where: Amsterdam + Facebook
  • When: Buy the Lights Out EP now.
  • Why: The first Don Diablo track I ever heard hit my iTunes the day after I started this website. Ever since then its been a solid love-fest for the Dutch beat master. He’s always got more love for his remixes on TBE but his solo stuff hasn’t gone un-followed. After a few years of building his fanbase organically it seems like DonnyD is finally poised to blow up the way he should. Lights Out EP is a tight little collection of dance jams that kicks down the door with the rowdy “Lights Out Hit” and continues with the grand ode to hometowns “The Golden Years.” “Memories”  takes the EP in another great direction and is slowly becoming my new favorite. Diablo has always shown range and while its exactly what keeps him interesting I hope that people can wrap their mind around it and get into these tracks.

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  1. Jhonelle B.
    Jhonelle B. says:

    I love DD! His remixes are badass and I think his solo stuff is even more amazing. I think its cool that more people are getting into his beats. His transitions are smooth and energetic.

    Whenever I hear his synth pads I get so hyped. Thanks for posting a preview of his Lights out EP. "Lights Out Hit" and "Memories" are great mixes but hands down "The Golden Years" is up there with one of my fav mixes of all time…maybe not of all time but pretty close.

    This EP is the epitome of postdubstep. So many musical styles mashing together in one track, there are very few people that stand out for me that can do this well. Don Diablo is one of those people. I think I might write my own review of my blog: http://shutupandletmelisten.wordpress.com/.

    I'm just starting out but feel free to stop by and comment. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again for posting! I'm a huge fan of the burning ear.


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