[EP] Gemini Club – HERE WE SIT (w/ “Show My Hands”)

truth for the fools who believe what they want to at night to sleep

Gemini Club are no slouches. From their smash single “By Surprise” straight through their standout SXSW set they have been rocking hard and keeping their game tight. Their 2012 EP Here We Sit is no exception. 7 tracks full of the finest dance grooves you will hear this year. The kind of music you can dance to on the 1st listen just as easily as the 10th. Picking a favorite jam to showcase here is a bit of a silly affair but I’m gonna go with “Show My Hands” for it’s stuttering beat, tense groove, jangling guitar and handclaps. Oh, handclaps. If you were worried that these guys were too polished and easily enjoyable then you dubheads will be happy with the dirty bits in “Can’t Believe You Said That.” “Sparklers” follows with a high speed synth assault on your dance nerves that should be banned from playing in cars for causing excessive speeds. And the rest of the jams follow suit accordingly. I’d write more but really I’d rather get back to rocking out. Stream it all here. Cheers.