[EP / INTERVIEW] Harlan – 1984 EP + Show tonight in LA!

Alright folks, if you dont live in the Los Angeles area you best be hitting the road soon because Harlan’s EP release party show is tonight at The Satellite. The 1984 EP is available for FREE download here but is well worth the few dollars he isn’t asking for. We’ve heard the groovy title track and its epic guitar noodling so now its time to dive into the other 3 tracks. Whether it’s the whistling hook of “A.D.” or the clap-stomp of “Cathedral” 1984 is a way more sensual and intimate affair than Native Son, showing off more of Harlan’s intricate guitar work. It’s exactly the kind of sonic evolution that gets me even more excited about an artist. So, I sat down at the keyboard and shot a few questions back and forth with Mr. Harlan Silverman to get a better sense of who we will be rocking out to for the foreseeable future.

TBE: 1984 is your 2nd EP after the fantastic Native Son. How has your relationship with your first baby changed since the second was born?
HARLAN: I think there is a more focussed sound with this second EP. The first EP was made just for fun. I wasn’t thinking about playing any of the songs live. This one had more planning involved.

TBE: I understand you are a native Los Angeleno. What are your thoughts on the LA music scene right now? What’s missing?
H: I think LA has some really great music right now. A lot of my friends and people I’ve grown up with have bands that are starting to break. I hope that in the next couple of years LA will be at the forefront of music once again.

TBE: Do you have a city besides LA thats a favorite to play?
H: I would say New York. I was born there and have a lot of friends in the city.

TBE: When/what/who made you decide that making music was going to be your thing?
H: I’ve been playing music for as long as I can remember. I studied strictly classical until college. Once I discovered pop it made sense to spend the rest of my life creating.

TBE: Whats your classical-to-pop consumption ratio these days?
H: I would say more classical. I pretty much switch from 91.5 to KDAY.

TBE: Anyone who has seen you live knows you shred on guitar, but you never even picked one up until college. Did you take lessons or just practice & figure it out?
H: I never took guitar lessons. I taught myself from the beginning. All the work I spent on the cello really helped out on the guitar.

TBE: Your flying V guitar seems to be a signature. Any story there?
H: Just had to find something that pops! I got tired of playing the same guitars as everyone else.

TBE: What is your favorite comment you have heard about your music (good or bad)?
H: Not sure on that one

TBE: Dream band to tour with?
H: Jay-Z

TBE: What Jay-Z song would you want to guest on during his set?
H: 99 problems! Song could easily have a guitar solo on it :)

Come see Harlan tonight!

We’re running a $5 guest list for all of our friends.

Email names to rsvp@theburningear.com and spread the word.

$2 New Castle Happy Hour 8-9pm!

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