[EP] JHAMEEL wants you to SHUT UP and LOVE these jams like ME. Don’t make him say it TWICE.

cause i’m about to make you beg for more than just love

♫ Jhameel – Shut Up

How is THIS for a surprise treat!? Dropped right in my inbox last week was this 5 track EP from Jhameel with the straightforward and accurate title of Dance. All 5 jams are solid gold, making this a perfect jumping off point for those of you who haven’t yet heeded my pro-Jhameel message. He has kicked his energy up like 8 notches and it’s refreshing to hear the guy changing things up. Get on this business. “Shut Up” is a perfect example as it lays down the “Funkytown” disco groove and then slaps on some surprisingly heavy vocals. This is a big sound.

♫ Jhameel – Love Me Twice

“Love Me Twice” takes a more traditional Jhameel approach to things but with a bit more energy than usual. Fingers are snappin. Toes are tappin. The whole Dance EP is available free and you would be seriously misguided if you didn’t nab it ASAP.

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