[EP] Just Jack – ROUGH/READY (w/ “Rims of Doom”)

JustJack Rough Ready

we lost our way, we are all slaves, to the currency that flutters by, the jealousies we try to hide

♫ Just Jack – Rims of Doom

  • Who: Jack Allsopp
  • What: Chill pop, like Jack Penate, Peter & Kerry, Cosmo Jarvis
  • Where: Brighton, UK + Facebook
  • When: Release dates?
  • Why: If you aren’t British or haven’t been following this site since the beginning then you probably don’t know Just Jack. You don’t remember his awesome Brit dance-pop jams like “Starz in Their Eyes” or “Doctor, Doctor.” Ever since I missed his set earlier this year I’ve been wondering what he is up to. A bit of research turned up a whole EP of mellowed out and mature off-kilter tracks. “Rims of Doom” is the kind of “aging artist railing against the youth movements” track that would normally make me cringe but Jack pulls it off nicely. And there are horns. Its a departure from the songs that he is known for but a nice reminder that he is still out there making music. We’re here when you come back, Jack.

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  1. An
    An says:

    I’m neither of the aforementioned, but I loved Just Jack during the “Starz” and “Embers” days. This track is much more mellow and less… barbed, I think. Has a Phoenix vibe to it for sure.

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