[EP] Polarsets – EXOTICA (w/ “Tropics”)

and i fear i might forget this moment, let it breathe into the breeze

  • Who: Rob, Mickey, James
  • What: Atlantic-tropic rock, like Theme Park, Friendly Fires, Tanlines
  • Where: Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK + Facebook
  • When: The Exotica EP is out now.
  • Why: These guys not only put on a solid stage show at our SXSW parties this year, they saved the day with a lent audio cable that patched us through a day of technical issues. If all that awesome wasn’t enough they have since dropped the tight-as-a-drum Exotica EP which kicks off with the glistening cocktail of a jam “Tropics.” Much like it’s video, the audio light-as-air adventure float through beaches and forests filled with love and wonder. And just like the rest of the 4 song EP, it gets even better with repeated listens. For a band who didn’t initially catch my interest, they have grown on me immensely these past few months. Get this for your summer.

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