[EP] Trophy Wife – BRUXISM (w/ “Canopy Shade”)

louder now, i can hear your reflections, in the distance we’ve come

♫ Trophy Wife – Canopy Shade

  • Who: Jody, Ben, Kit
  • What: Twitchy electro dance, like Foals, Polarsets, St. Lucia
  • Where: Oxford, UK + Facebook
  • When: Buy Bruxism now.
  • Why: I loooved Trophy Wife’s 2010 jams “Microlite” and “Take This Night” but lost track of them after that. Only recently did I discover that they released this awesome Bruxism EP a year ago. Each song is supposedly named after a different sleeping disorder suffered by band member and has a different production collaborator. James Yuill worked on the title track while Foals’ Yannis Philippakis helmed “Wolf.” Perhaps my favorite of the 5 is opener “Canopy Shade” with the jumpy tropical dance vibe I can’t get enough of. I hope they keep producing more jams this tight and dont keep them such a secret next time.