[EP] Y Luv – HOW CHILL CAN YOU LET GO (w/ “All Night”)

oh it feels like you, oh i wait for you

♫ Y Luv – All Night

Just press play on this one. It’s one of those jams that will get a lot of mileage with me because while it is super funky and offbeat it still has that kind of universal appeal that means it can work on a mixtape for my aunt. It’s epic and intimate and dance-y and rock-y and hot damn I cant stop jamming it. The fresh-on-the-scene Y Luv have misleadingly titled EP called How Chill Can You Let Go which along with the album art makes me think chillwave, which these jams are anything but. This is rock-wave, or stadium-wave, or wave-wave or something. “Never Touch The Ground,” for example, is cat-nip for the fist-pumpin while singing at the sky dude inside me. Oh yeah, and the EP is free. Stream/download it after the jump.

Crank the amp at Bandcamp

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