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♫ The Good Natured – Skeleton

I have been waiting for The Good Natured to give me a proper release ever since “Your Body Is A Machine” peaked my interest so long ago. Then “Wolves” got me really stoked and so now that their debut EP Skeleton is being released it is good-tunes-ville around TBE HQ. We already had enough tastes of the EP as song after song leaked out through the blogosphere so it’s really no surprise that the whole release is solid although these days early quality is no guarantee of jack. “Skeleton” is my favorite these days, with it’s fiercely sexual lyrics and highly infectious/danceable rhythm. If I were a girl who was falling in lust for the first time then this would be my anthem for sure. But because I am a guy I just watch the video and daydream…

While it’s nice to hear tracks like “Prisoner” and “The Hourglass” stand up next to their previously known counterparts, there is a reason they close out the EP. The true test of The Good Natured’s staying power will be a proper LP. Hopefully soon and hopefully they wont recycle any of these jams. But in the meantime, WIN Skeleton on vinyl! (or buy it) Read how after the jump.

To win The Good Natured’s EP Skeletons on vinyl do the following before Sunday 11/6/2011 at midnight PST:

1. Like The Burning Ear on Facebook.

2. Tag us in a post on your wall that says I want to party with TheBurningEar (using the @TheBurningEar tag) and tell us what you love most about the site. (Note: Make sure the setting for the post is viewable to EVERYONE otherwise it wont register on our page.)

3. Get your friends to like your status – each “like” earns you an extra vote in the selection process.

4. Sit back and hope that we choose you.

(Remember, the prize can only be mailed to US addresses. Not my decision but part of the condition of us being abe to give it away.)

Artist links: Facebook / Soundcloud

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