[EP/RMX] Viceroy – “Sunburn” & Rihanna – “We Found Love (Viceroy Remix)”

turn away cause i need you more, feel the heartbeat in my mind

♫ Viceroy – Sunburn (Original Mix)

Viceroy, who we know from his summer soundtracking Sunny Daze, is back with his own EP of sugar-addled summer jams for those of us ready to get nostalgic for 4 months ago. (sign me up!) The Sunburn EP‘s 4 tracks are all extensions of the same glitchy upbeat electro formula that the man does so well. Put them on and just groove through your house cleaning! What is really remarkable, though, is his Rihanna remix that was originally included with the EP but has new been removed from Soundcloud.

♫ Rihanna – We Found Love (Viceroy Remix)



Viceroy did the impossible, taking this seasons most ubiquitous song and making it listenable again. Nay, lovable again! I’m hearing muffled robot voices, deep grunts, popping bongos, handclaps, and wait… is that Homer Simpson yelping? Whatever the hell is going on I’m loving it. Grab it now before someone makes me take it down!

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