[EP/STREAM] Young Empires – WAKE ALL MY YOUTH (w/ “The Earth Plates Are Shifting”)

i’m seeing colors, i’m seeing colors, its the way your body moves

  • Who: Matt, Jake, Aaron & Taylor
  • What: World beat haute rock, like Van She, Santigold, Ghost Beach
  • Where: Toronto, Canada + Facebook
  • When: Wake All My Youth EP is out now.
  • Why: It’s no secret that I’ve been in love with Young Empires since their first demo dropped over 2 years ago. Usually such a solid debut track or two would leave me worried about keeping up the quality but after they rocked me with their live show at the Great Escape last year I wasn’t stressed. They became obvious top picks for The Burning Ear parties at SXSW and have followed through with the flawless 7-track Wake All My Youth EP. “Beaches” is my new favorite jam of theirs, balancing signature YE “Woooh ooh”s with the laser tight percussion and big dancey guitar action. Alright, enough rambling from me, just get this EP already. Your summer will thank you.

Oh, and at their stellar show last week with Humans they slowed things down for the beautiful non-EP groover “The Earth Plates Are Shifting” and thank goodness it’s available to stream because its one I instantly wanted to revisit. Turn it up and get swept away.