[EP/VIDEO] Florrie – LATE (w/ “Shot You Down”)

i shouldn’t have hurt you that way, but its a little late to say that i can erase your heartache

  • Who: Florrie & various producers
  • What: Big dance pop, like Charli XCX, Kitten, Icona Pop
  • Where: Bristol, UK + Facebook
  • When: The Late EP is out now.
  • Why: It’s been almost 2 years since we checked in with the multitalented and singularly gorgeous Florrie, the drumming popster with an experiment to build a fan base off free music. Now having over 30,000 likes on Facebook it seems only fair she start charging. Rest assured the Late EP is worth whatever you pay for it. The strength of “Shot You Down” alone is enough, with its stomping beat and infectious chorus. The 3 other tracks are deft examples of Florrie’s talent for both songwriting and choosing production collaborators. But can we get back to “Shot You Down” for a second? Specifically the video? Yeah, lets meditate on the hotness of the girl drummer…

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  1. Barrett
    Barrett says:

    Hands down one of the most under-appreciated pop artists of the last few years in my book. How she hasn’t gotten at least Marina & the Diamonds level of traction baffles me.

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