[EP/VIDEO] Rhye – OPEN (w/ “Open”)

i wanna make this play, ooh i know you’re faded, but stay don’t close your hands

♫ Rhye – Open

  • Who: 2 people, no identities.
  • What: Sunset eroto-pop, like The xx, Inc, Sade.
  • Where: L.A. via Europe + Soundcloud / Amazon
  • When: The Open EP is out now.
  • Why: Nights can get cold this time of year. You can heat them up with booze, sex, or now Rhye. Nobody would fault the trifecta. The mysterious duo is based out of L.A. but apparently have European roots and it shows in the music’s unabashed sensuality. I am really, really liking the whole EP and looking forward to a longer release. Not much you can get done during a 3 songs. Although it wont stop many from trying. Speaking of many trying, watch this fantastic but very NSFW video involving just that. Hot.

Rhye – Open from Rhye on Vimeo.

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