[EP/VIDEO] Set Sail – THE RILEY MOORE EP (w/ “Boat Song”)

i don’t know this notion but i know it to be true

♫ Set Sail – Boat Song

  • Who: A guy named Brandon! Plus a Josiah and a Joshua…
  • What: “Popsters purveying awkward dancing and better music…” with violin! Like Two Door Cinema Club, Walk The Moon
  • Where: Sydney, Australia + Facebook / Bandcamp / Amazon
  • When: The Riley Moore EP is out now.
  • Why: I have always believed that the best love songs are short and sweet. Longer and you risk alienating those not involved in your lusty circle. Or worse, the one actually involved. Set Sail know this well and dont hold back on the sentiments or the mega-foot tapping in their high-pep nautical love letter. The frantically fun song anchors the stellar Riley Moore EP, keeping the other 3 jams from bouncing away on their own caffeinated folk-pop vibes. It also has this awesome claymation video that manages to sneak a bit of a love story in as well.

I’m stoked to hear what these guys cook up next now that Colorado native Brandon has had his recent deportation from Australia lifted. The Aussies want Set Sail! I hear that.

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