Frankmusik’s ‘Complete Me’ a classic? Time Will Tell… or not.


are you strong enough this time to give me one last try?

♫ Frankmusik – Gotta Boyfriend

Ever since I stumbled across the video for “3 Little Words” and discovered the spazz-pop of Frankmusik (Vincent Turner to his mother) I have been looking forward to his debut LP. Over the past 9 months I have had a steady stream of jams to keep me satisfied. The Frankisum EP gave me the awesome “Gotta Boyfriend” and great “Confusion Girl.” Youtube searches turned my on to “In Step” and it’s amazing hula-hoop  and cotton panties video (featured on TBE TV for a bit). “Better Off As 2” was introduced through it’s various remixes. So Complete Me finally came out this month and I haven’t been particularly drawn to it. Don’t get me wrong, there are a quite a few great tracks. It’s just that they are the ones I already mentioned above! It’s not until track 5 that I get a song I don’t know and it’s a damn ballad. The first of 5 damn ballads! FIVE! What the hell is this? I want my Frankmusik fast and crazy, not smoothed and spacey. I get that you have feeeelings, just figure out how to make them danceable! The second half of the album falls apart more, especially with the cringe inducing 1-2 punch of the album’s title track and Vacant Heart. Luckily track 12 brings some heat in the form of FM’s new single “Time Will Tell.”

♫ Frankmusik – Time Will Tell

It’s a hyped up dancefloor rampage that makes my shoulders dip as I sit here writing this. Falling into the ‘winners’ column, it puts Complete Me at about half full of great tracks. I guess my beef is that I had most of them already, although it should be noted that the album version of previous single’s are different mixes (Most significant in “Confusion Girl” and “3 Little Words”). Yeah, and why is that? Why mess with a track that I am already digging, Frankie? Did you really make it better? And what is up with your album art? The beauty that graces your eyes above is not what is actually attached to the CD. This is. Yeah, exactly. Which one do you prefer looking at: flower petal ghost lady with a naked boob or Frankmusik’s shaved noggin and puppy dog eyes? Don’t even get me started on his current MySpace photo. Gives me shivers. Ok, enough! So Vincent may be a bit self indulgent but hey, this is his first album. I’ll cut him some slack. At the end of the day Complete Me is a good listen (if you haven’t heard most of the tracks already). Despite a few trips to the skip button, there is enough fun to keep you hyped for the weekend.

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