Generationals’ debut ‘Con Law’ is a Wildlife infused Sculpture of a perfect album


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♫ Generationals – Wildlife Sculpture

Oh boy! Finally! Generationals debut album Con Law (which I wrote about back in April) is out and those of you who streamed it back then know it is fantastic. Don’t let the terrible album art fool you, Con Law is a varied and addictive album that wont be leaving my regular rotation anytime soon. The 10 tracks span all different styles and no two songs sound the same. “Wildlife Sculpture” sounds like a whole different band than on previously featured “Angry Charlie,” but they share a common thread of solid craftsmanship, perfect energy, and great hooks. “Wildlife Scultupre” was my first favorite track off the album so I am hoping it will hook you too. Over at their MySpace you can stream 5 others including first single “When They Fight They Fight” and a few others. How they pick a single out of such a solid and filler-less album is beyond me. Do yourself a favor and pick up Con Law. It is definitely on my short list for top albums of the year and more people need to recognize.

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