GOSSIP are receiving my LOVE from a LONG DISTANCE away but I’m just one of the MEN IN LOVE with their music for me

i can’t remember having so much fun

♫ Gossip – Love Long Distance

Heavy Cross,” the frst single from Gossip’s 4th LP came through TBE almost 10 months ago, around the same time that Gossip-fever was peaking as the whole world seemed to be stoked on the track and looking forward to the Rick Rubin-produced Music For Men. And then…nothing. Maybe my head was shoved too deep in the assess of the wrong blogs but I don’t remember anyone talking about the album itself, let alone talking about how fucking epic it is. I finally got around to the listening to the thing and as I was expecting the good-enough “Heavy Cross” to be the album’s best track I was sufficiently blown away by Music For Men‘s instant appeal and grin-inducing grooves. “Love Long Distance” ended up being the album’s second single back in September and it’s no wonder why. The real question is how “Men In Love” stayed off anyone’s radar during 2009. Fantastic subject matter aside, this “na na, na na” fueled party anthem is an instant classic in my book and… is that cowbell I hear thrown in among Beth Ditto’s impeccable vocals? This song, no, this whole album, makes me wish I was a prominent DJ at a local club so that I could blindly spin any track and have guaranteed success with flailing limbs on the dance-floor. I mean, the empirical evidence of awesomeness just keeps on going. “8th Wonder”? “Vertical Rhythm”? “2012”? “Four Letter Word”? Guity! Sentenced to rocking my ass for the next 2-5 years.

♫ Gossip – Men In Love

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