[MP3] GROUPLOVE is to awesome like crayons are to COLOURS

so i am a man up in the air and i float around this town

♫ Grouplove – Colours

Did you hear the one about the 5 people from LA, NYC, and London who all met and formed a band on the island of Crete and then stayed in touch before deciding to record an EP in LA? No, you haven’t heard it before, because shit like that does’t happen. Well, it doesn’t unless you are in Grouplove and then that is the exact story of how you got to the point where I am now listening to your single and being blown away. Backstory aside, this jam is a hugely impressive blend of all the things I love! Huge anthemic vocals! Soaring harmonies! Shredding guitars! Foot stomping beat! And most of all, a feeling that I am listening to something real and alive! Emotion and feeling are bursting through the seams of this track! Grouplove’s debut 5 track EP is out now and while I wait for the band to read this post and hook me up with a copy so it can become my favorite EP of the year I suggest you get a head start and pick it up! After all, NME named these guys #10 on the list of best new 2010 bands! They should probably have been higher.

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  1. percentq
    percentq says:

    Just heard Grouplove on a Chevy Malibu 2011 commercial !!! they had Dont say oh well strumming in the background!!!

    I want to see them so bad!
    Ill try and find a link to the mercial and post

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