The Mae Shi asks R U Professional?


he is professional but i think he lost control

If you are up on your Internet game then you know about Christian Bale’s flip out on the set of Terminator 17 or whatever. If you are all up in the music blogosphere then you know about The Mae Shi‘s jammin tune they wrote, recorded, and had online 24 hours after the Bale audio broke.

The Mae Shi – R U Professional? (For Xtian)

With lickity-spilt turnaround like that and a catchy factor that is off the charts it’s safe to say these L.A. based spazz-rockers ARE professional. Take a listen to my favorite jam off their 2008 Lp HILLLYH.

The Mae Shi – Lamb And The Lion

BONUS: If you really have your YouTube game tight and you know what happened to David after the dentist then you will appreciate this. I know I did.

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