Hunter Hunted – “New Christmas”

Despite what it feels like in sunny Southern California, I hear it is actually the holiday season. Next week is many people’s last days at work/school before heading off to spend time opening presents and baking cookies. Fellow Los Angelenos Hunter Hunter have apparently been feeling the same confusion about spending holidays in the sun and even wrote this beautiful song about it. But “New Christmas” has a second deeper meaning when put into the context of our warming planet and its affect on all the animals that live here. Its not just us who are confused by warmer temps this time of year. Polar bears everywhere are confused by warmer temps all year round. The touching video below for “New Christmas” showcases a lot of lovely polar bear play but a shockingly small amount of any actual ice or snow. It’s for these bears that Hunter hunted have dedicated “New Christmas”. Please enjoy the song and consider donating something to the cause via the links below. Thats the true holiday spirit.

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