Iglu & Hartly will rock your sleeves off


lock and load, soot that sky ’till the moon explode

Iglu & Hartly – In This City

If Dan Black already established the viability of skinny white hipster rap, then its Iglu & Hartly that actually make me think (falsely) that I could do it too! Besides their glammy synth-rock they represent the SoCal vibe with a solid surfer bum look. Imagine the Dogtown & Z-Boys plus 10 years and a junior college degree… and minus any sleeves. Awesome. Anyway, get on this track and just try not to to sing along by the end. I know I can’t wait to see them live. “In This City” (L.A. what what!) has been infecting my brain for the past few months now and having recently got their full LP & Then Boom, I can happily recommend the whole shebang. Throw it on as the perfect soundtrack to your BBQ party… or BBQ party fantasy.

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