NO VIDEOS: I am not currently accepting any video submissions in any way

NO LIVE COVERAGEI am not currently covering live shows


Please keep in mind that I receive thousands of submissions and can’t listen or reply to them all. Its just not possible. But with that said, I am pretty good about listening to almost all of them. It is a big part of my day. Every… single… day. And I wouldn’t be running The Burning Ear over 7 years later if I didn’t still love it.

In an effort to streamline the submission process and make it more straightforward for everyone involved, please take a look at the options below.


SubmitHub is a great system for streamlining the music submission process and increasing my ability to give you feedback. There are two ways to submit using SubmitHub

** Go to SubmitHub**

  1. Premium Credits – This is recommended. It will cost you less than a dollar and you will get a guaranteed listen from me as well as guaranteed response if I decline the song.
  2. Standard Credits – This is free. I will still get your song in my SubmitHub inbox but I can’t guarantee I will be able to listen. If I do listen and decline the song you will not receive feedback. You are totally welcome to use free credits and I may even hear it and post but I just can’t guarantee at this moment.


I no longer accept music through Soundcloud messages or submissions. Please upload your music to Soundcloud and then use above to send me your music.