Heads Up 2009! TBE's Hot Acts to Watch.

2009-Heads Up

Is anyone still writing 2008 on their checks? Does anyone still use checks?

Less talk, more rock. Besides, I have said enough in the track notes so all you “readers” can just continue down there. And yeah yeah, I know we are like 1/6 done with the year but you are already here so just quit complaining and download the damn thing already.

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Track notes after the jump!

1. The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition

They may hail from Australia but I have a feeling they will find a new home… in your ears! Something about this songs reminds me of when U2 used to be good. Pick up their Sweet Disposition EP and get hyped for their debut LP later this year.

2. Chester French – She Loves Everybody

Chester French was all over everyone’s list of artists to watch out for LAST year. Since they didn’t blow up (or release an LP) yet I am gonna call them for ’09. They went to Harvard. They made some tunes that caught the eye of labels everywhere. They eventually signed to Pharrell Williams Star Trak label and have apparently been crafting their Love The Future LP which should be out this spring. In the meantime pick up the She Loves Everybody EP.

3. La Roux – Quicksand

When you see lead singer Elly Jackson it becomes clear why they took their name from French for “the red-haired one.”  When you heard their buttery retro-synth music it become clear why their forthcoming LP is one of the most hotly anticipated of the year.

4. Dan Black – I Love Life

Sure the USA has a Black President but that’s nothing compared to the real racial boundaries being shattered by Dan Black. When a skinny white hiptster-esque dude can rap over beats like this and people take him seriously, thats Progress with a big P. For more Dan Black check out his awesome cover/mash-up of Notorious B.I.G.’s HYPNTZ.

5. N.A.S.A. – Gifted (feat. Kanye West, Santigold, Lykke Li)

An acronym for North America/ South America, NASA is the work of to L.A. based DJs whose debut album boasts the craziest guest-list ever. See above and then add Tom Waits, David Byrne, Karen O, Cool Keith, Chuck D, and the list goes on. Their debut The Spirit Of The Apollo just dropped so grab it now. I also recommend their YouTube for some great music videos and a bit of the story behind the music.

6. Busy P. feat. Murs  – To Protect And Entertain (Crookers Remix)

The star of this track isn’t Busy P. or even Murs (both sound flat on the original) but its Crookers that light the track it on fire. They did the same thing with Kid Cudi’s Day N Night which is blowing up the charts (check out the great video). Expect big things from these two Italians (??) as they carve out massive chunk of the dance floor this year.

7. FrankMusik – 3 Little Words

Besides being an insane beatboxer this Brit has crafted some of the most infectious dance grooves I have heard in a while. Get on this track and then check out this great hommeade one-take video that will give you a new appreciation for the hula hoop (as well as cotton panties). Look out for a debut LP this year.

8. Winter Gloves – Party People

Winter Gloves is a geographically appropriate name for this Montreal group, however I would discourage wearing any insulated hand-wear while listening to their music, lest the dancing overheat your digits.

9. The View – Shock Horror

These Scots just dropped their second LP Which Bitch? but I think 2009 is the year they make waves overseas. Although I have only heard a couple tracks I love what I have, especially this fist pumper.

10. Janelle Monáe – Violent Stars Happy Hunting!!

Although this song was a released as a single in 2007, this is going to be the year Janelle gets the recognition she deserves (aside from her guest spots to the Outkast miss-step Idlewild). Violent Stars comes from a the 7 song Metropolis: The Chase Suite EP which is a kind of mini-opera and is definitely recommended. Her full length Metropolis is expected this year.

11. Passin Pit – Sleepyhead

The Chuck Of Change EP originated as a Valentines gift from the singer Michael to his then girlfriend. It caught on in the Cambridge, Massachusetts area where the band is from and the rest is history. Check out the great video and look out for a 2009 LP.

12. Trouble Andrew – Bang Bang

Nova Scotia native Trevor Andrew grew up to be one of the best snowboarders in the sport. He then got engaged to Santigold and made a major label album. He is last on the mix because frankly he could be taken down a notch or two. (Well, that and I dont think his album is going to be half as good as this guilty-pleasure spazz-punk jam)