IS TROPICAL don’t make me SEASICK so much as make me want to form a MUTINY against crappy music

heave ho!

♫ Is Tropical – Seasick Mutiny

If you never though you were down with instrumental music then I double dog dare you not to bust a groove during “Seasick Mutiny.” I like to imagine myself a swarthy mix between The Sea Captain from The Simpsons and Jack Sparrow as I navigate the mighty seas off of Party Island, cocktail in my hook as I flail my one fist in the air enthusiastically. The music video is a good place to start for what my dreams will look like as I await that hangover. Anyway, Is Tropical are a London three-piece who take a unique approach to having a front-man, namely trying to eliminate the role altogether. They all swap instrumental and vocal duties as they create, as one magazine put it, “beautifully coherent chaos.” The Heave Ho/Seasick Mutiny single is out now at eMusic (below) or iTunes or wherever. These guys need to tour with Civil Civic on what I would call The Freshest London Bands TBE Has Recently Fallen In Love With Tour. Oh, and if you want to hear the Is Tropical guys wail more than pirate phrases then “The Greeks” is your jam. It certainly is my jam.

♫ Is Tropical – The Greeks

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