Joel & Scotts Remix Roundup Vol. 30 – 10.29.2010 [Lady Gaga, Clock Opera, Vampire Weekend, Zowie, La Roux and more]

Look people, its Halloween weekend which means shits going to get a little bit bonkers (at least here in the US).  We, Joel & Scott happen to be rather large fans of the ridiculous.  So, since we are so thrilled about this special weekend we wanted to set you off in epic fashion.

Here’s a massive cup of RR Vol.30 in your eardrums to start your weekend.

Yeah, that’s right…  We have a ridonculous logjam of tunes to throw at you.  Looks like our goal of just 12 songs is out the window, as we will have to bump it up to 20 for a while to get rid of some of this mass.  You’re welcome.

Lastly, don’t forget to break some dance floor hearts this weekend.

And oh yeah,….  Get Nurdy’

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♫ The Dance Party- Sasha Don’t Sleep (Dillon Francis Remix) / Brandon posted another rad mix of this song too, not to mention the original track back in 09.  We’ve really taken a liking to this Sasha girl, and we’re pretty sure  that this Dillon Francis remix will keep her dancing.

♫ Lady Gaga- Monster (Computer Blue Remix) / Ummm yes.  Computer Blue, the duo from OK city have graced all of our eardrums with a BANGER.  This one is special.

♫ Lady Gaga- Bad Romance (Skrillex Remix) / Just when you thought the Gaga remixes were all gone…  We dug this one up from the archives.  Why?  Because if any song could make you “get your back up off the wall” this weekend its this jam.  Skrillex is making his way up our personal charts.  Much props.

♫ The Vanish- Heartbeat (Beaumont Alt Remix) / This remix is equally as good as the original, but Beaumont bring some Aussie dance flavor.

♫ Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso- Together (Casimir Bootleg) / Here we have 2/3rds of Swedish House Mafia.  Who knew you could subtract Steve Angello and add Casimir (unknown) and end up with a massive hit.  Who is Casimir?  I guess he is supposedly a 18 year old Dj from Holland??

♫ Dan Balan- Chica Bomb (Buzz Junkies Remix) / We waited for this MP3 to show up somewhere forever.  Luckily it did, because Buzz Junkies are spittin’ out top-shelf dance hits.  Oh, if you are a dude, then watch the music video and enjoy.  You’re welcome.

♫ La Roux- Bulletproof (Glasnost Remix) / Don’t Mess With Texas.

♫ 2AM Club- Nobody in Love (Xaphoon Jones Remix) (Updated HQ file) / The young producer  Xaphoon was a huge part of making Chiddy Bang who they are today.  This remix shows us even more of his versatile potential.  Cheers.

♫ Ocelot- Beating Hearts [Louis La Roche Remix] / BEATING HEARTS BEAT STILLL…  I saw someone on youtube describe this as a four letter word…. TUNE.

♫ Maximum Balloon Ft. Theophilus London- Groove Me (Clockwork Remix) / “Groove me, baby”! Maximum Balloon gets some love from NYC’s Theo London and then Clockwork twists it into a banger. Brilliant!

♫ Teeth- See Spaces (DREAMTRAK DIAMOND SOUND remix) / Dreamtrak Diamond Sound, their remixes are as equally radical as their name.

♫ Zowie – Broken Machine (Pete Wiggs Remix) / Hold tight, Pete Wiggs takes us on the scenic route through Broken Machine, and we are digging the scenery.

♫ MAY68- The Prisoner (Reeders Runaway remix) / Does anybody else think  the lead singer of MAY68’s image looks freakishly similar to Karen O’s from the YYY’s.  Yeah…, anyway this song is goooood.

♫ Clock Opera- Once and For all (Little Loud remix) / We’ve yet to hear anything from Little Loud that disappoints.  His touch on Once And For All is magnificent.  We strongly suggest you also seek out his other work (Vol 27).

♫ Hans Zimmer- Time (We Plants Are Happy Plants Remix) / Great movie. Good score. Amazing remix.

♫ Alex Winston- Choice Notes (Aspirins For My Children Remix) / The UK’s Aspirins For My Children are new to us and we dig their work.  Are they new to you? Do you dig their stuff?

♫ School Of Seven Bells- Heart Is Strange (Active Child Remix) / LA’s Active Child beautifully arranges School’s vocals, all the while laying them atop a well worked bed of synthesizers.

♫ Vampire Weekend- White Sky (Cecile Remix) / This is a transformer and we love it.  We don’t know much about Cecile, but, as you can hear, this remix deserves a spot in the roundup.


♫ Mochi Beats- Forever Impossible (Two Door Cinema Club + Drake + Iyaz + Shontelle)

♫ Mochi Beats- Say It’s Empathy (Crystal Castles + Rihanna + Lupe Fiasco + Terra Naomi)

ZIP FILE—>>> Mediafire: Remix Roundup Vol. 30

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