[MP3] K.FLAY has at least 2 jams that are far from WEAK

watched you fall apart so you’d think i learned my lesson

♫ K. Flay – 2 Weak

Yes, that’s a sample of Grizzly Bear’s “Two Weeks” with some chick spitting rhymes and flow all over it. Well, that chick is the cute as a button K.Flay who has taken her Stanford-educated and basketball-toned ass and been busting it on a rap career. Buying a pony is definitely easier but dropping tracks like this are soooo much more rewarding for the rest of us. I am really feeling her delivery. Big things in small packages, yo! Oh, shit. I’m on her MySpace now and her track “5AM” came on and it’s so fresh! This jam might even be better than “2 Weak!” So grimy and funky. Now I don’t know! Questioning everything! But still rocking!

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