KING BRITT has the perfect song for right NOW

everyday we try harder, everyday we get tougher, until we’re heartless

♫ King Britt – Now (feat. Astrid Suryanto)

King Britt has been making music since before many of you were born. He started out in the Philly house music scene and has since evolved his bad self all over the place. Or so I hear. My personal knowledge of the guy is limited to what I have read in the past 5 minutes but that’s all the better because I’d rather let this beautifully melancholy music tell me his story. Frankly, I think he would agree. The equally enigmatic Astrid Suryanto, however, sings for herself as one of the many guest vocalists on his latest album The Intricate Beauty. Well said, KB, well said. Pull your lover close and dim the lights for this one. You got 8 minutes.

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