Kyle Andrews is fresher than Sushi


i sink so deep in you, you gonna save me or not?

Kyle Andrews – Sushi

Alright, start prepping some fresh panties NOW cause this one made me wet for sure. Who the fuck is Kyle Andrews and how did he make this killer song without it taking over the world and ending racial conflict forever? This morning I almost killed myself dancing in socks on my tile floor. Now don’t let the day-glo ghettoblaster cover art and hyper-hypo dance pop fool you, Real Blasty digs deeper than your average laptop-rock and unearths all kinds of weighty rock. Varying his jams between different tempos, vibes, and energy levels Kyle provides much more to chew on than iceberg lettuce of most one-man-bands or laptop-rock shticks. Go to his MySpace and sample some more jams. I’m curious what you cats think or this dude.

UPDATE: Oooo, now I am digging this nugget as a good counter-point to “Sushi.”

Kyle Andrews – I Wanted To Paint A Rainbow

Kyle Andrews on MySpace

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