LETTING UP DESPITE GREAT FAULTS have jams for FOLDING laundry UNDER dim lighting while STORIES are TOLD

i want the better you waiting for me to be better too

♫ Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Folding Under Stories Told

January is a busy time. Not only am I working on TBE’s “Best Of” lists, but I’m reading other people’s and having to go back and catch up on albums I missed. I heard of these guys a couple times last year but always discounted them cause they seemed to be lumped into all that chill-wave bullshit that I am not big on. Well then I got over myself and gave this Cali based band’s second album a listen. Wow. This is music. The first three jamsare near-perfect album opener and while the rest of the 9 track disc calms a bit it is not for lack of awesomeness. Everything so fuzzed out and deceptively simple that it takes multiple listens with good headphones to pick apart all the magic. It was not easy picking only one track to post here but since it’s a 9 song disc I am gonna leave you with just one taste (although more can be found elsewhere…). “Folding Under Stories Told” is the albums most swingin’ and perhaps most accessible, so no surprise I latched onto it first.  Just crank it up, close your eyes, spin circles around your room, and tell me this isn’t a great song.

Side note for those who know the album: When “Sun Drips” comes on does anyone else think for the first 3 seconds that their iPod has smuggled in Goo Goo Dolls’ “Iris”? Seriously though, it freaks me out every time. Luckily the similarites end after second 4. Although that jam is a classic…

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  1. dave
    dave says:

    yea, so i dig this album. a similiar band called magic man put up their latest, real life color, for free download a little bit ago. its real quality stuff, and in the same vein of letting up. definitely gotta check it out.

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