[LIVE] SXSW DAY 1 Re-Cap + 360° Interviews

Holy smokes. What a day. So much great music. So much sweat coming out of so many talented pores. So much healing for my eardrums to do. Except they are gonna have to wait because we have 3 more days of madness! But enough about the future, lets take a peek at the past. Last night surprise guests Cherub (see above) kicked things off at The Firehouse Lounge with a steamy set of sexed up groove rock. Today Paula & Karol kicked things off with their boy/girl bounce-folk which The Minutes quickly obliterated with their mind shredding guitar work. Rock and Roll is not dead, it just moved to Dublin. JONQUIL took over and soothed the growing crowd with their icy/hot rhythms. Hooded Fang then rocked indie surf city in a big way. Young Empires did what they do best: floor audiences full of people with mega sized tropical indie dance jams. Epic. Humans took two-man knob tweaking to the next level with their dance session. You know I got down to “Avec Mes Mecs”! After a short break Black Taxi stormed the room with a mind rocking set that made a fan of every person in the room. Jukebox The Ghost came next to a room full of fans who ate up a handful of new jams (plus our favorites). ANR then shook boots with their minimally made, maximally felt rock magic. Technical difficulties kept Gigamesh from performing but Brenton Duvall and OnCue whipped the late night crowd into a dance party to close things out. If you feel exhausted reading all that then imagine how living it was! I’m gonna crash out to do it again tomorrow buut in the meantime enjoy these quick interviews I managed to get with a handful of the bands. Interactive 360 action by the Kogeto Dot!

The Minutes / The Minutes – Secret History

Young Empires / Young Empires – Against The Wall (Demo)

Hooded Fang / Hooded Fang – ESP

Humans / Humans – Bike Home

Black Taxi / Black Taxi – Tightrope

Jukebox The Ghost / Jukebox The Ghost – Hold It In

ANR / ANR – The Endless Field Of Mercury

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