[LIVE/EP] Midi Matilda – RED LIGHT DISTRICT EP (w/ “Red Light District”)

i could be your lover, hold me till the next one at least

♫ Midi Matilda – Red Light District

You should remember San Francisco’s Midi Matilda from their stellar “Day Dreams” in January. If you don’t, then now is your chance to remember them from their also-stellar “Red Light District” and the impeccable EP named after it. The band’s style of shuffling grooves slip and bounce in perfect harmony with Kilborn’s tender vocals. It’s all endlessly catchy without suffering from largesse or overproduction. It’s kinda perfect really. A lot like their stage show.

Skyler Kilborn & Logan Grimé. Not just awesome names and pretty faces. They also rock! The pair brought the heat to a criminally under-packed Echo on Monday. The handful of wize souls who were there won’t be forgetting the live grooves on display anytime soon. Plus, there was lots of standup drumming by both of them.

While we are talking about how rad Midi Matilda is lets not forget the stellar videos they have under their belt. The frame-by-frame projection video for “Day Dreams” is a testament to craftsmanship (and synchronized dance moves). Their live paired down rooftop video of “Red Light District” is just beautiful.