[LP] Alexander – ALEXANDER (w/ “Truth” feat The RZA & “A Million Years”)

i’ve grown up some, different kind of fighter, and when the darkness come let it inside you

♫ Alexander – TRUTH Feat. The RZA

From the normal sized band of electro poppers Ima Robot, to the oversized collective of Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes, frontman Alex Ebert did the only thing left and released a solo album this year. Yeah, yeah, many of you know about it already but if you are late to it like I was then I recommend you give it a spin or two. Main single “Truth” was featured on this season’s premier of Breaking Bad (yes!) and also got itself a remix with The RZA on it (above).

♫ Alexander – A Million Years

“A Million Years” is another choice example of the soulful folk that makes this album a great choice for the whole family. The Magnetic Zeroes acted as backing band on the album and there are plans for similar projects for band members Jade Castrinos and Christian Letts before we get a second Edward Sharpe album. At least the stuff in the meantime is sounding plenty nice.

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