[LP] Arrange – PLANTATION (w/ “Tiny Little Boy” & “When’d You Find Me”)

goddamn these thoughts and goddamn these people that remind me of you 

♫ Arrange – Tiny Little Boy

Sad is not always beautiful and beautiful is not always sad but when the two come together it is a whole greater than it’s parts. Today, the music of Florida’s Arrange is just that. Malcom Lacey is the man behind the music and his debut album Plantation is soaked in the raw emotion of a broken heart that is only more impressive when you consider his brief 18 years. The songs are fragile and tender, floating on their own air, an existence so delicate that you may not feel them until a few listens in. Here are my two favorites but you can listen/download the whole album free at his Bandcamp.

♫ Arrange – When’d You Find Me?

Crank the amp at Bandcamp

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