[LP] Colorfeels – SYZYGY (w/ “Geneology”)

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♫ Colorfeels – Geneology

Colorfeels landed on my radar with quite a luau sized blip a few months ago and I wasted no time in taking advantage of their name-your-price album offer. The album took a while to simmer to the top of my review pile but I know that has a large part to do with how stoked I was on “Pretty Walk” and how high the standards were. The band’s debut LP, SYZYGY, isn’t 12 times “Pretty Walk” and while that may sound disappointing, it means the disc is a much more varied and textured adventure. Many of the tracks are mellower chill-pop, tapping into hazy afternoon energy more than hip-shaking evening vibes. But you know there is still some hip shaking to be done and my recommendation would be “Unplanned Holiday,” or other standout track “Geneology” which kinda makes me want to dance proper waltz-like with a lady and all. The track runs real grooves alongside some tender harmonies and the result is beautiful. Overall, SYZYGY doesn’t deliver as much pep as I know Colorfeels could stir up but the toned down side of them is also pleasant listening.

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