[LP] DAS RACIST aren’t always AMAZING but they are always fun as hell

rock yabba dabba do, cut swagger dagger do, swing vance bagger do, good pig that’ll do

♫ Das Racist – Amazing (featuring Lakutis) (produced by Keepaway)

If you haven’t caught it yet there is a new free Das Racist mixtape, Sit Down, Man, yes the second one this year. The 20 track collection boasts bigger name producers like Diplo, Chairlift, and Boi-1da and a bunch of guest spots. While there aren’t any standout solid gold tracks like “Rainbow in The Dark” or “You Oughtta Know,” the disk is overall more solid. Das Racist have honed their skills and dropped some of the more grating goofball bullshit in favor of spitting hilarious brain twisting rhymes over all variety of minimal funky beats. You may have caught “Hahahaha, jk?” or “Fashion Party” on other blogs but it’s “Amazing” that butters my bun. It’s just creamy smooth. So read more thoughts on the mixtape if you have to, or read Heems op-ed piece on NBC’s Outsourced pilot, or just do the smartest thing and get yourself the mixtape for free and then kick back and soak in the rhymes.

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  1. balloonofthemind
    balloonofthemind says:

    You Can Sell Anything kind of blew me away by how clever and smart it was lyrically without the corniness that turned me off other previous Das Racist jams. Like!

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